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We brand. We build a brand’s future based on a strategy, which is the beginning of every project. We create well thought-out creative solutions, and then we implement them and supervise their production processes. Thus brands of the future are made, the result of our passion, which has been branding for 21 years.

  • Execution

  • MK Café – coffees of the world


    MK Café decided to extend their portfolio with whole bean variants.

    Prince Polo XXL


    Prince Polo is the iconic brand on the Polish confectionery market.

    Carlsberg Citrus


    Spring/Summer 2012 was a significant season for the Polish beer Industry.



    Krakuski is a brand boasting over 100-years of tradition.

  • News

  • Party Like a Lord

    Czerwiec 2014

    “Party Like a Lord” is a contest organised by Carlsberg Polska Company for all fans.

    Fennel is cool

    Czerwiec 2014

    In the latest issue of Kuchnia magazine published by Agora SA, you can find our culinary photos of fennels and dishes made of them. The whole session can be found here:

    ECOntest HiPP

    Maj 2014

    HiPP is a reputable producer of healthy and ecological food for infants. For their parents we prepared a special internet ECOntest in which lots of useful knowledge and fun are combined. Our task was to create the idea of a

    Lime in a can

    Maj 2014

    Our design work contributed to the expansion of the premium brand Carlsberg’s portfolio with a new low alcohol citrus lager. Carlsberg Citrus is going to compete for high positioning in the Polish market of fruit beers. Read more about the

    Ground Brazilian

    Kwiecień 2014

    After we designed a new package for MK Café Brazilian whole bean coffee, we took care of its ground variant. By creating appropriate visual communication we underlined the origin of the 100% Arabica coffee, which was significant for our client.

  • Reference

  • Brand Design

    kom03 How to express the brand? Which words, images and associations to use? Which characters - real, fictional, famous or not - fit the brand?

    Brand Name

    kom04 A name is a fundamental and integral element of a brand which builds its identity.

    Corporate Branding

    kom02 The 21st century started with a revolution in the field of information exchange which created a different approach to communication.


    kom08 We know how important it is that DTP projects go smoothly. We understand the great importance of a comprehensive approach to such projects.


    Piotr Napierała

    Agency Director

    Danuta Napierała

    Art Director

    Artur Zdanewicz

    Head of New Business
    tel.: 531 353 396

  • Knowledge

  • Package or shelf

    Marketing przy kawie Kwiecień 2012

    Marketing activities in retail outlets are increasingly focused on arrangement of categories, allowing customers to find their desired products more quickly. It is a natural consequence of the diversification of the offerings…

    PND makes folk-style branding

    Luty 2012

    Until recently, the term „economical brand” caused an automatic association with rather spartan design from an aesthetic viewpoint and of course not the best quality, but this was offset by a lower price.