We create brands with a future!

We are a branding agency with an established position in the field of creative approaches to brand development.
We have been operating since 1991, more than 20 years. During this time, we gathered knowledge and experience from hundreds of completed projects and from the enormous passion we feel about branding.
Our solutions are based on an analysis of the market context and current trends and effectively respond to the specific problems of communication and brand image. They result from strategy. Good design without strategy is merely a work of visual art, unrelated to the art of selling.
We discover the potential of the brand – we build its character and give it personality and style. Just like our clients, we want our brands to be alive and flourish in the ever-changing market.
We create brands with a future.


Piotr Napierała

Danuta Napierała

Michał Pawlaczek

Małgorzata Mańkowska

Tomasz Drohomerecki

Iwona Chruściel

Ewelina Borucka

Our agency consists of several skilled teams of specialists. The largest of these is the creative team, which includes, among others, 10 designers, followed by a large customer service team (new business and account managers),
the strategic group (strategic also for our agency), the photo studio, and the prepress department. The degree of specialization of PND Futura creators is proven by the fact that the vast majority of workers have at least 6 years of professional experience … in our company, with more than a few having over 10 years of experience.
The PND Futura team is made up of individuals. Among us are mountain climbers, marathon runners, musicians, stand-up comedians, Esperanto speakers, fairy tale illustrators, and enthusiasts of fashion and contemporary design. In a field as broad as branding, it is very useful to have knowledge of many diverse aspects of contemporary culture.

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Piotr Napierała

Agency Director


Danuta Napierała

Art Director


Anna Parchanowicz

Account Manager

tel.: 604 518 343

Jacek Furtak

New Business Manager

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Maciej Sowicki

Head of New Business Department

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New Business Manager

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