Białowieski Zdrój

Hoop Poland

The source of success

On the bottled water market, the majority of brand concepts are based on the place of origin and connotations associated with it. They are a guarantee of purity and taste, and it can also be said that they create a taste, forming respective associations in our minds. And because we associate clean water with mountain streams, mountains therefore appear most often in symbolism and brand worlds. Hoop Poland, introducing a new brand on the market, decided to link it with a totally different place: the pure untouched Białowieża Primeval Forest.

The brand with the power of expression

It was thus necessary to create a brand which uses this concept and would be suggestive and trustworthy, speaking to the buyer through emotions called forth by the most famous forest in Poland, and rational arguments related to its primeval state.

Uniqueness above all

The brand design had to be based on two foundations: the place of origin, and the product’s purity. These features are communicated by the colors (white, silver, dark blue), the traditional typeface, and the symbolism – a fern, as an ancient plant, a symbol of the revitalizing energy of the brand and cleanliness. The fern symbol is an important branding element. It builds graphical uniqueness, and at the same time through its execution it creates the brand’s premium character. A brand built this way has all the features to ensure market success: it is unique, distinctive, based on a simple graphical symbol easy to transfer to other media, internally consistent, and is a perfect base for ATL and BTL communication operations.L i BTL.


Color code


  • Execution

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    Even within a strict framework, there is always potential for change and improvement.