Color code

A brand from a brand

Brand architecture and brand development are truly fascinating fields of branding. It’s a kind of brand engineering – building the brand’s structure and its relationship with subbrands, making decisions about moving the brand into other product categories or reserving it for only one. Market success depends mainly on these decisions. Choligrip was intended to be a brand belonging to the Cholinex family, using its reputation, while at the same time differentiating itself by its effects on symptoms associated with the flu and colds. The keywords were therefore effectiveness and trust.

Highlighting effectiveness

The task was to create a new brand and apply it to the packaging of three flavor variants. In other words: to create the image of a medicine which is effective, fast acting, and trustworthy.

Branding blocks

Building new structures – for example, the structure of a brand – from existing components is always a challenge. The apparent help of the existing elements suddenly
becomes a restriction: imposed color coding, composition, graphics. In such situations, the designing requires detail-oriented work and searching for key differentiators, something on which we can base our primary message. That’s exactly how the work on Choligrip proceeded. The most important thing was the appropriate choice of colors, and modifications of the Cholinex branding elements to emphasize the strength and action of the new product. Thanks to this, despite the obvious references to the parent drug, we successfully created a distinct brand and packaging with consistent communication and impact.



  • Execution

  • Choligrip


    Building a brand which benefits from the reputation of Cholinex while clearly expressing its own identity.

    Carlsberg Citrus


    Spring/Summer 2012 was a significant season for the Polish beer Industry.



    The need for continual enlargement of a line required changes to the brand’s structure.



    DecoMorreno brand is famous in Poland mainly for its dark cocoa.