A brand in the right place

Internally inconsistent product positioning significantly impacts sales. If, for example, a product is perceived as mainstream, while at the same time is expensive, then few people will want to pay for its higher price. Along with the product we buy emotions and a complete package of intangible values, which are given to us through the brand and the world created around the brand. Fantasia chocolate, sold in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, struggled with this specific problem of not being perceived in accordance with its positioning.

Adding aspirations

The core of the project was repositioning the brand to the premium segment, basing its architecture on one strong brand, encompassing its complete range of chocolate products. I.e. creating a consistent, clear message and brand aspiration, with which its target group could identify.

Understanding the needs – finding a solution

The key task was to determine the purchase motivations of customers. During the research it became clear that the most important thing for them is the combined taste of chocolate and cake. So the new package delivered what the customers were really looking for: a clear message highlighting the delicious chocolate, through graphic design, color code, and product presentation. Of course this is all done in accordance with premium conventions, based on gold and delicate ornamentation.

Color code


  • Execution

  • Carlsberg Citrus


    Spring/Summer 2012 was a significant season for the Polish beer Industry.

    Dr. Oetker


    One clear system instead of multi-colored variety. Something to enhance the brand.

    Milka. Dare to…


    A limited edition which announced a new brand strategy.



    Fantasia chocolate struggled with a problem of being misperceived in terms of positioning.