Jiten Dar


Regaining a brand’s shine

For many years, Jiten Dar has been a well-known strong brand on the Bulgarian market, although its position was gradually weakening in the face of increasingly aggressive competition. The solution for the brand was to find a new place in the sweets category, a place so far unoccupied by market rivals, but within the brand’s sphere of competence.

In search of a USP

It was decided, therefore, to reposition the Jiten Dar brand as one offering natural products, which meant creating a distinctive image that would attract new customers while simultaneously meeting the needs of existing customers.

A name has strength

The solution was partly contained in the name itself, because it means „a gift from wheat”, thus referring to the natural origin of the product. So it was therefore necessary to find a branding concept which extracts from the name the proper meanings and accents them. So a logo redesign was needed and the introduction of graphical elements associated with grain. The second aspect of this work was the creation of clear navigation among specific products and among the sublines which were to function alongside the baseline. The Jiten Dar brand was thus based on a logical, clear structure and gained elements and values which enabled it to find a new strong position in the market.

Color code


  • Execution

  • Farm Frites


    Farm Frites was a strong brand in the HoReCa segment, but unknown in the consumer segment.

    Dr. Oetker


    One clear system instead of multi-colored variety. Something to enhance the brand.

    Białowieski Zdrój


    The majority of mineral water products have mountain-themed branding. Can another way be found?

    Alpen Gold


    A change in brand strategy also requires a change in packaging.