Sweet tradition

Krakuski is a brand boasting over 100-years of tradition. Consumers appreciate the brand for its rich portfolio, the highest quality and proven, natural recipes. But these days, the mentioned attributes are not enough to gain competitive advantage in the market. That’s why brands have to build catchy stories around their products and make their fans emotionally involved. That was the reason for refreshing Krakuski’s brand identity.

Lifting with pleasure

The new brand identity and packaging communication prepared by our agency for Krakuski fits within the creative concept of ‚the small rites of pleasure’. Its core idea is that cookies are a delicious addition to everyday life. The addition intensifying positive

emotions experienced at moments of being alone, e.g. when reading a book, or spent with friends. The use of attractive graphics helped us build a coherent story saying that Krakuski are good for every occasion. The brand’s tradition and place of origin are emphasized by the refreshed logo with date of its foundation and architectural symbols of Cracow. The quality aspect is stressed with a special icon „Guarantee of Quality by Krakuski”.

Ordered architecture

Alongside having built a catchy and pleasurable story, we ordered the brand architecture. The new branding solutions are flexible and facilitate placing new products in the market.

  • Execution

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