Appetite improvement

Package improvement in the food segment usually arises from the need to improve communication of some core brand value or product feature. Design treatments emphasizing aspects such as modernity and tastiness quickly become neutralized because they are extremely dependent on fashion. Therefore Bongrain, to maintain the strong position

of their Tartare Delikatny line of cheese spreads, needed at one point to perform such an improvement.

More natural

The agency’s task was to change the product’s art and visualization, along with refreshing the layout. It was vital to emphasize the deliciousness and clear relationship to its natural origin.

Cleanly and clearly

Deliciousness is first of all a well-shot photo, shown close up to focus the customer’s attention on the tastiest elements. And because additional flavor ingredients create the taste to a large degree, they have a very important place in the new layout. Photographs of idyllic landscapes were also added to emphasize the connection with nature. Everything is illuminated with very prominent logos and clear branding.

  • Execution

  • Multivitamol


    Multivitamol was using a design and brand hero which were behind current trends.

    Farm Frites


    Farm Frites was a strong brand in the HoReCa segment, but unknown in the consumer segment.

    Milka. Dare to…


    A limited edition which announced a new brand strategy.

    Jiten Dar


    Jiten Dar was a well-known brand on the Bulgarian market, although its position was gradually weakening…