A brand under the sign of the fern

Lipiec 2012
The water market in Poland is certainly a difficult market and highly competitive – with a few leaders and lots of smaller players, with additional segments of local products and brands. Therefore, work on the brand Białowieski Zdrój, belonging to Hoop Polska, required a very analytical approach to precisely fit the new water into the unoccupied space in the landscape of brands. The effects are already visible in the sales network – of particular interest are the original flavors: chamomile and lemon balm.
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Multivitamol was using a design and brand hero which were behind current trends.



This brand consists of many flavor variants. In the end, this advantage actually started to cause… problems.



DecoMorreno brand is famous in Poland mainly for its dark cocoa.

Alpen Gold


A change in brand strategy also requires a change in packaging.