NP Pharma

Catching up with the trends

We are influenced by fads, but children are particularly susceptible to novelties. They change interests, and so they quickly get bored with things. A coveted backpack with a princess will be boycotted a year later, and the kids will start lobbying strongly for a new one with Monster High or some other fad from children’s pop culture. Multivitamol – a vitamin supplement for children – was using a design and brand hero which lagged behind current trends. They were simply unappealing and old-fashioned, and as a result the brand itself was dull and unconvincing.

We change everything

So a re-branding was needed, including the creation of a new brand hero. Everything had to change except the name and the target group.

Kangaroo on the shelf

A Brand Hero is the embodiment of the brand. It’s an abbreviation which enables quick communication of key values. It can not deviate far from the brand’s philosophy and can not be some arbitrary symbol. Therefore, work on Multivitaminol’s brand hero was based on the question of the primary message which we want to communicate. The natural answer was vitality, joy and energy as the most important concepts associated with the brand. From this came the idea of a happy jumping kangaroo, because what is more associated with the joy of life than jumping, and what better represents jumping than a kangaroo?! It was also very important to build the branding: a distinctive logo, characteristic recurring forms and color, contrasts – everything which creates the impact of a package. In other words: an eye-catching and easily identified brand.

Color code


  • Execution

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